Episode 2: About my book (Chris’s Soapbox)

May 4, 2017

In this episode Chris Lockhart discusses his book 'Galactic Storms: Woebegone Days'. Some of what is discussed: where to purchase it, dealing with Amazon, why is it not available at amazon.ca?, plot development and brief character outlines. And an explanation on the big powers involved in this fictional universe.


Episode 1: Road Rage (Chris’s Soapbox)

May 4, 2017

Chris discusses a driving incident from earlier in the week,


2017 Summer Movie Discussion (TGFS Ep #27)

April 28, 2017

On the 27th episode of The Geek Fallout Show hosts Chris Lockhart and Calvin Heighton are discussing several movies that will be released between the months of May to September, From 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2' to 'It'. They also discuss the planned (and failed) 2010 He-Man reboot film...




Top 5 Gingers in Pop Culture (TGFS Ep# 26)

April 21, 2017

The boys are back in town and taking no prisoners...or something like that. Chris and Cal are discussing the new Star Wars teaser trailer, Krypton, Cloak and Dagger, Fate of the Furious mini review, Thor Ragnorok. Then we delve into some nerd conversions then we end with our main topic: Top 5 Gingers in Pop Culture.

(Note from Chris: I completely forgot to mention Karen Gillen (Doctor Who's "Amy Pond")




Power Rangers Movie Discussion (TGFS Ep #25)

April 13, 2017

For the 25th episode of 'The Geek Fallout Show' podcast Chris, Cal and Erik are discussing amoung other things the 'Power Rangers' film. We also talk about 1980's american prices and the Netflix series 'Iron Fist'.




Gaps in our Comic Book Reading (TGFS Ep #24)

April 6, 2017

Chris and Cal are joined on the show by Evan Hanson and Paxton Holley (Nerd Lunch, Cult Film Club). Together they discuss the announcment of the 'Invincible' movie, the JL trailer, Iron Fist, Marvel Unlimited, The Vision, Cassandra Kain 'Batgirl', Legends of Tommorrow, American Gods. Then for the main topic they discuss gaps in their comic book reading, and what brought us back. Then the guys throw out some recommends of what they are currently reading.




‘Logan’ Discussion (TGFS Ep #23)

March 23, 2017

Hosts Chris Lockhart and Calvin Heighton are joined by Erik Johnson and a little bit of Richard Rehder. Together they are discussing the Obi Wan versus Maul rematch on the recent episode of 'Star Wars Rebels', Smurf toys, the new Smurf movie, Legion on FX, Into The Badlands, The 80's Documentary, then we cap it off with our 'Logan' movie discussion.




Let’s Reboot! (TGFS Ep #22)

March 9, 2017

Chris Lockhart and Calvin Heighton are back to discuss some 'Star Trek Discovery' news, Chris's book on Amazon, and our main topic is properties that should be brought back (reboot)!




Top 5 Cartoon Intros (TGFS Ep #21)

March 2, 2017

On the 21st episode of The Geek Fallout Show hosts Chris Lockhart and Calvin Heighton are joined by Erik Johnson. They discuss the passing of pop culture icon Bill Paxton, more geek news, some nerd conversions then they list off their Top 5 Cartoon Intros!




Geek Pet Peeves (TGFS Ep #20)

February 23, 2017

No Ham Solo this week as it is raining podcasters on The Geek Fallout Show! Chris is joined on the show with Calvin Heighton and Erik Johnson. Some of the stuff we will be discussing this episode includes Taco Bell Marriages, No Hellboy 3, Star Trek Discovery pilot, the Preacher comic book and then our list of Geek Pet Peeves!