The Last Jedi Review (TGFS Ep #40)

January 8, 2018

The boys are back in 2018 and they are discussing the new Star Wars film: The Last Jedi


2018 Comic Book Movie Preview (GFCB Vol 2 Ep3)

December 27, 2017

Finally I have the right episode selected. We are talking the 2018 Comic Book Movie season. Chris Lockhart is joined on the show by Calvin Heighton and Jason Roberts. 


See you next week for our review of 'Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi'. 




2017 Chris Lockhart Christmas Special (TGFS Ep #39)

December 19, 2017

Due to technical difficulties the final episode of 2017 for Geek Fallout: The Comic Book Episodes Volume 2 will not be available until next week before New Years. On that episode we are discussing some comic book movies we are eager to watch in 2018. Join Chris Lockhart, Calvin Heighton and Jason Roberts as they discuss Christmas Trivia for this years installment of the Chris Lockhart Christmas Special. 6 years and counting! 




Trek1701 S2Ep4: Favorite Trek Aliens

December 12, 2017

Chris Lockhart is joined on the show with Calvin Heighton and Jason Roberts. Together we are discussing out favorite aliens on Star Trek. 



Must Read Comics (GFCB Vol2 Ep2)

December 4, 2017

Hosts Chris Lockhart and Calvin Heughton are joined on the show by Mike King. They discuss The Avengers Infinity War trailer, Justice League film, Thor Ragnorok, and War for the Planet of the Apes. Then for our main topic we discuss our 'must read' comics. 




This & That (TGFS Ep #38)

November 25, 2017

The boys are back in town and discussing things including 'Thor Ragnorok' and 'Justice League'. 



TREK1701 S2EP3: Trek Novel & Guest Star Discussion

November 17, 2017

Host Chris Lockhart is joined on the show by Jason Roberts. Together they are discussing Trek novels and some memorable guest stars. 




Geek Fallout: Episode 50

November 4, 2017

Sorry folks but there is no new Geek Fallout Productions podcasts this week. so we are going back into the archives and visiting 'Geek Fallout' episode 50, which was Co-Host Jeff Browns final episode before joining the podcasters-protection-program. Enjoy!



TNG 30 Years Later…(Trek1701 S2 Ep2)

October 27, 2017

Host Chris Lockhart is joined on the podcast by Alec Peters (ST: Axanar) and Rob Burnett (TNG Blue-Ray special features, Free Enterprise) and they discuss TNG. ts2ep2.png


Death is a part of life…

October 21, 2017

Talking about the passing of 'The Tragically Hips' front man Gord Downie. Also the passing of other pop culture celebs from this year...