Technobabble 17 - The Final (old) Episode

April 6, 2018

Mike and Rich didn't know this would be the final epsiode of Technobabble for a long time. But you won't have to wait like we did. New episodes will arrive on a bi-weekly basis afterwards. Thanks for enjoying the archive and we will see you soon to discuss new science and tech

Camping gear is the theme for this episode as we babble on

Collapsable pot

Smart Lantern

Camelback all clear water purifier

portable solar cooker

Surivial Tablet

Disposable Grill

Fuel Pucks

Biolight Camp Stove

more on the Fontus bottles

And more!


Technobabble 16 - Techno-Quickie

April 5, 2018

We got some quick things to chat about in this half hour episode

We babble on:

Diode pumped Rust Razor

Sand filtering towels

Google Cardboard

and our main feature:

the affordable Tesla Model 3



Technobabble 15 - Techno-Penetration

April 4, 2018

Mike gets a new phone and discovers grass condoms. no update on a field test. but send him some and he will.

We babble on

Mikes S7 Edge

Anker E7 Power Bank

Autonomous Fighter Jets

Grass Condoms And Mike takes this to its worst conclusion

Morgan Freeman Celebrity Voiced GPS

The Blood Brain barrier get breeched to deliver brain saving medicine

A phone wallet Service

Driving assisted safety measures

Bioinic Fingertips that let you feel

and more!




Technobabble 14 - Mike Get Mobile (World Congress)

April 3, 2018

Mike plays around with a mixer in the intro. no apologies. We do our top 5 Mobile World Congress Picks

We babble on:

Galaxy S7 (update: Mike eventually replaced his S3 with the S7 Edge. he loves it)


PhonKraft handset - A Modular phone with swappable parts

Catepillar construction made a phone with thermal imaging

Aluminum-Ion Batteries

Flexible Battery for your flexible phone

KyoCera phone with a screen that is a solar panel

Jaq Fuel Cell (Salt water charger)

And more!


Technobabble 13 - Mike Gets Physical with a View

April 2, 2018

Mike and Rich dabble in the medical among other things . We babble on:

Sweat based Diagnostic devices

Viewmaster is back!

De-icing Concrete

Android/Google creator Andy Rubin wants to give you a free Dashcam

Using Cancer to reverse MS

Oculus Rift games

ALS gets stopped by copper?

Screen Protector that you paint on your screen to avoid bubbles



Technobabble 12 - Mike Gets Wet, Rich Gets Wired

March 30, 2018

Mike talks about water tech that will change the world

We babble on:

Fontus - The self filling water bottle that fills itself with moisture pulled from ambient humidty

Tesla Power Wall

Chemical reactions that turn water to Ethanol without Fermentation issues but electro catalysis

VR helmets

Underwater Breathing Crystal (no not that episode of Teddy Ruxpin. This is a real thing)

An Alarm app that makes you do tasks

Salt water powered lamp AND Cell phone charger 



Technobabble 11 - Mike gets weird

March 29, 2018

Apologies for the lateness. Mike is dealing with a cold and screwed up loading these episodes.

CES 2016 has some odd offerings for us to babble on

Smart shoes with Wifi and heating elements

Moff Band (Kinect type game slap bracelet)

Alarm Clock with smells

Dog console (Clever Pet Hub)

Pet Pat (fitness tracker for the dogs)


Vibrating E-reader

Smallest Arcade cabinet

First Response Pregnancy Test with wifi and bluetooth (Mike now apologizes for a certain word made in the chat)

Swiss Voice Phone

and more!


Technobabble 10 - CES 2016 Faves

March 23, 2018

We got a preview of the CES 2016 items last episode but we go in deep to discuss the new gizmos revealed at Consumer Electronics Expo 2016

Apologies for Mikes sound. it gets better around 48 minutes in

We Babble on

The Marathon Laundry machine that can fit in apartments

New Wifi Standard that kills dead spots

Razor Blade Stealth gaming PC

Oculus Rift Omni accessory Running Board

Driverless Cars (for hire)

and so much more





Technobabble 9 - Mike Rips on CES highlights

March 22, 2018

Chris Gaida joins us to ring in the new year of 1996!

We babble on....

Asthma cure coming within 5 years

CES Jan 1996 highlights:

Augmented Reality windshields

OLED tv thats 4 credit cards thick

Next gen Universal remotes for the house

Non-Chemo Cancer vaccine (Immunotherapy)

Thousand year old Gourds

Washers and Stoves

Bluetooth Beanies, Wemo, Hydrofoils


and more!


Technobabble 8 - Christmas Catalogue Part 2 (Luxury edition)

March 21, 2018

Money is no issue for the second half of our Christmas wishlist where Rich and Mike discuss what the rich geeks will get in 2015

360 Loudspeakers that are insane with 18 scan drivers, 14 channels 8000W with cooling fans

Recording binoculars

Smart homes

Electric Bike from Jetson

Microsoft Surface Table PC

Gaming Chairs

360 4K video camera

Elevating Desk with a walking treadmill

Chevy Volt

Supreme floating relaxation pod