Technobabble 6 - Mike Crosses the Podcast Hosts (With special intro)

March 19, 2018

Mike and Rich discuss the glory days of Technobabble and Rich gets learnt about "Of Mice and Men"

For the 6th episode we get joined by Ben of Playing with Power a Nintendo Power retrospective  and Repeat one  a bite sized thought on good music

 and we babble on....

Phones without headphone jacks

Youtube Red

Wikipedia working on malicious edits

Emulation vs Backwards compatibility

Comedians fighting Periscope and live streaming with Faraday cage type bags in clubs


Technobabble 5 - Mike’s Tesla Rant

March 16, 2018

Mike and Rich are still enjoying the novel experience of creating and hosting podcasts and doing a HORRIBLE Obama

We babble on...

The end of Homelessness in West Virginia

The wonder of Nicola Tesla

The shithead Edison killing people and elephants to prove AC is bad

Ambient electricity?

Odessa has turned to the Dark Side

Fallout 4

Voice restoration



Technobabble 4 - Mike becomes a star

March 15, 2018

Mike is recovering from a cold and has started a new series about nintendo power magazine (

We babble on ....

Good news for Vets. Artificial skin in being developed for prosthetics!

Phones so thin that they bend?

Smog being made into jewelry and printer ink

a 3D printed Luxury Electric car comparable to a BMW

using malaria to fight cancer

apparently a guy was cured of AIDS

a new Star Trek series is coming in 2017!

Grafting branches on regular trees to create free fruit trees for the homeless in San Franciso



Technobabble 3 - Mike gets promoted

March 14, 2018

Rich does a great job editing out Mike's introduction flubs as he takes the reigns as a co-host and tackles the intro. we are joined once more by Chris Gaida

We babble on...

Toxic algea blooms killing ocean life and creating Sodium ion batteries

Rich gets introduced to the Good News Network

People cleaning the Garbage continent

Amazon fake product reviews

Microsofts easy trade up for Win 10

Hacking PTSD night terrors

Mike makes his signing debut and starts to wonder about the Skarp razor he thought he would be getting

3-D printed Dungeon and Dragons worlds and models

Wheelchair/Segue combo

Free underground Wifi Initiative



Technobabble 2 - Return of the Mike

March 13, 2018

Rich and Chris have Mike return as a guest (for the last time before his promotion) for the second episode. Again apologies for the quality. novice mistakes.

We babble on....

Starfish killing robots (like they needed more problems)

Skarp Lazer Razer (Mike ordered it on Kickstarter and still waiting on that as of Feb 2018)

Modular Housing and scaffolding apartment

Canada wants hackers to take over pickup trucks



Technobabble Pilot with Special Intro

March 12, 2018

Rich and Mike share how technobabble was conceived, how Mike came into the whole thing, and what friendship was born in the first week of the Technobabble restoration. We begin our archive restructuring with the pilot episode and Mikes very first podcast appearance! we've since got a much better mic setup than the Tin can in a box in a walkie talkie.  so forgive us. we got better.

The first epsiode covers...

PC sticks, with entire operating system on a stick so you can turn any tv with HDMI into a computer by Asus

A Marine Robot Dog by Boston Dynamics

A Phase change photon (light) based Memory chip

a FIVE G network

the ouya and Mike's obvious joke about the name



Geek Fallout Reborn. and whats the future holds

March 12, 2018

Mike and Rich are here to shares whats comeing and whats going with the new management of Geek Fallout Productions. Good times we promise. :D


Geek Fallout Rebirth Announcement

March 3, 2018

From the precipice of destruction comes new hope. An old host, long lost, has come to keep the geek news and entertainment coming.  We will keep the archive, but have new programs and a new direction coming your way so keep subscribed! we will have new content very soon.

More details in an announcement soon to follow .stay tuned :D


The Last Episode

February 8, 2018

We didnt know it at the time but this is the last podcast episode from 'Geek Fallout Productions'. 


Top 5 Pop Culture Deaths (TGFS Ep #41)

January 15, 2018

Get your kleenex ready as we discuss those great pop culture characters that may have left us too soon. Hosts Chris Lockhart and Calvin Heighton are listing their 'Top 5 Pop Culture Deaths'. They also discuss the mid-season premiere of 'Star Trek Discovery' and the upcoming Winter Olympics.